The Legacy of the Beast from the East.

It’s gone, however not quite forgotten. Spring if loaded with charming images, however the Beast from the East with its extended, freezing wind has damaged garden plants, some completely.

The mild spell indicates we can get out and take stock, and the primary casualties are the evergreen and semi evergreen shrubs. Other plants have actually suffered, the hellebores look a bit rough and many plants are much later entering spring blossom, in some locations nearly a month late.

How to tell if your shrub has passed away?

The very best way is to snap off a small branch, or scrape away the bark on a branch and analyse the wood below. If it is brown all the way through, then it is likely to be dead. If it is green in the interior, the shrub ought to restore.

Much of the evergreens might have wind burn, where the leaves look actually charred, or shrivelled, which should enhance with the warmer weather condition. The Cotoneaster is normally evergreen/semi evergreen but it has actually shed all its leaves in the severe weather condition.

A shrub which was actually healthy before the bad winter might well revive. The Rosemary was having a hard time because of the damp in addition to the cold, and was not on finest form prior to the winter season, and the Beast from the East was the final straw.

This perhaps a great time to feed shrubs with a well balanced fertilised to help them along, remembering that any, ericaceous i.e. acid loving shrubs, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellia, Pieris etc will require an ericaceous feed.

Shrubs whose branches have been harmed by the snow possibly best pruned. If the stems of the branches have actually been compromised, the shrub is better off being pruned back. You might loose from flowers in the spring, and if this is an issue you can bind the branch to support it and after that prune later if you prefer; depends in part how damaged the branch is.

If you are not exactly sure if your preferred shrub is alive or not, provide it a feed and wait a while to see what spring brings.

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