No flowers on daffodils – Blind daffodils

We look forward to the Daffodil season therefore it is twice as frustrating if instead of cheery yellow or white flowers all over there are simply leaves.

The bright side is that if you are taking a look at patches of bulbs which have not flowered now is the time to take the measure of them and encourage them to flower next year.

A high potassium feed, such as tomato feed, will help particularly if they are growing on poor soil. The bulbs for next year will be forming over the coming weeks so feed them if it is dry water them and remove any flower heads (not the greenery) when the flowers have actually faded.

If you have an irritating sensation that perhaps the bulbs were planted too shallow, they require to be 3xbulb depth now is also the time to dig them up. Examine the depth and after that replant at least 3 times the depth of the bulb.

No flowers on daffodils – Blind daffodils

If daffodils enter into leaf but produce no flowers they are called blind daffodils the causes are:

  • Planting too shallow is a most typical cause; it is necessary that bulbs are planted a minimum of three times their height into the soil. This is the most typical reason for daffodils not flowering Mark the daffodils and after that when blooming is over, dig up the bulbs and replant to the proper depth.
  • Very dry soil can cause blindness and it’s a good concept if planting into dry soil to mulch the area to retain wetness and ameliorate the dryness.
  • Planting too late daffodils can be a reason for no flowers. Daffodils require to be in the soil and planted by mid-September.

Mature clumps of daffodils can get overcrowded in which case lift and divide and replant. The time to lift is as the bulbs enter leaf and replant right away.

Defoliation and knotting can trigger a problem. It may be appealing to make the exhausted foliage look more appealing but it hinders the take up of nutrients by the leaves. It is important to let the foliage die down naturally for a minimum of 6 weeks post blooming.

If all else fails, feeding can help in which case any appropriate used routinely after the blossoms have faded.

Hopefully, you will not be so disappointed next year.

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